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For me, building rat rods is a therapy. A person can take an old car or truck and bring it back to life. While showing their personality and creativity at the same time. It may have come from an old barn or farm field, battered from years of use and neglect, now reborn to make it’s bold, come-back, and there's no right or wrong build. It's all up to what's available and the builder’s imagination.




I’m sure the rodder in you can see yourself building a ride of

your own, and believe me, you can.

The hardest part is finding that perfect car or truck that fits you. From there, you can fabricate many parts with just a grinder and 110 welder. The parts you can't Fab you should be able to pick up at your local wrecking yard.


















That's why I started Rat Rod Addiction, a

community so people can show their work,

share advice on fabrications, and just help out

others who are building their own rat rods.

Maybe we can even trade a part or two.

I search eBay, Craigslist, wrecking yards, scrap yards, and back yards with family and friends, when it comes to finding parts, the hunt is half the fun.



The time involved is another story. I find that for every hour of hands-on work, I might spend four hours scratching my head on how to make it work.


As for paint, I try to let mother nature give her touch.


There are many different opinions on what makes up a rat rod. Some builders are ordering their parts assembling them, giving it a vintage paint job, and then calling it a rat rod. I don't know.

I’m also finding the popularly of rat rods is

creating a market where old school,

pull-off part's, which are the blood of a

rat rod, are getting ridiculously expensive

and harder to find.

Recently, I came across a Craigslist add were someone was selling a “rat rod” that was “built right.” As they described all the things they did; Tig welding, CNC machining, paint job and custom rims, it began to sound like a pretty nice HOT ROD to me.Safety, I understand, but a pro-built rat rod with catalog parts ... Not my belief.I welcome your opinion. Please keep it civil and clean.

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